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Introduction :
Himachal Pradesh is nestling in the lap of western Himalayas and its territory is almost mountainous with altitudes ranging between 350 to 7000 meters above the mean sea level. The State has been endowed with bountiful natural resources such as dense forests, wild life, abundant water, lime deposits and other minerals. The predominant occupations of the people are agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry and the total population of the state is approximately 68.56 lakh (2011 census) while the total geographical area is 55673 sq.K.M. The State is surrounded on its North by Jammu and Kashmir whereas Uttar Pradesh is in the Southeast, Haryana on the south and the Punjab in the west and since the state in lying in Himalayan mountain region, it enjoys temperate climate. The rainfall is abundant and equally distributed throughout the year.

Physio-graphically the territory can be divided into three zones viz. Shivaliks, inner Himalayas or mid mountains and the greater Himalayas. The greater Himalayas contain alpine zone including alpine desert. The Himachal Pradesh State is fortunate to have several fascinating hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Kullu and Dalhouhie.
Urbanization In Himachal Pradesh :
Himachal Pradesh was granted full fledge State-hood in 1971 this has given the State fully competent and stable political administration and resulted in a new era of economic development. As a result of which the population started growing due to socio-eco development. The total urban population in the State is almost tripled till today from the year 1971, however, devoid of basic urban amenities. The Government of India has enacted the 74th amendment of the constitution and paved the way for empowerment of local self governments. Thereafter, all development activities have been geared up besides providing the basic amenities to the people living in the urban areas.

In Himachal Pradesh there are 1 Municipal Corporation, 29 Municipal Councils and 20 Nagar Councils and almost 10.04% of the total population of Himachal Pradesh is living in these urban areas. In view of the rapid growth in urban population, the existing infrastructure and amenities may not be sufficient to meet the future challenges in the next ten years.
Ghumarwin Town :
The State is divided into 12 districts and Bilaspur is one of the district with its district headquarter at Bilaspur. In this district there are Municipal Councils Bilaspur and Sri Naina Devi, Municipal Council Ghumarwin, Talai. The Ghumarwin town is about 20 Km away from Bilaspur on the way to Hamirpur. Ghumarwin town is a main business centre of District Bilaspur and it covers most of the population of the District.

The Ghumarwin Municipal Council came into existence during the year 1971. The town is located on 31 degree 19 minutes North and 76 degree 05 minutes East. The altitude of Ghumarwin Town is about 1800 meters above mean sea level.
Climate :
The town has the sub tropical climate and characterized by not summer and cold winter. The temperature varies between 10 degree C to 42 degree C with June as hottest and January as the coldest months. The Town Geologically the Ghumarwin town is located in seismic zone.
Demography :
The population of the town as per census 2001 was 5721 and in 2011 it was 7894 the floating population of the town 20000 aprox. Ghumarwin is a small town situated in the Bilaspur District of H.P. It is one of the business centre in Bilaspur District. Thousands of piligrims/ tourists visit Ghumarwin while going towards Jawalamukhi, Dharamshala and Chintpurni etc. and as such this town has been experiencing environmental depraclanation on many accounts. Some of the factors contributed towards degration of Ghumarwin environment are over population, acute shortage of water, lack of civic amenities over crowded road and heavy traffic. All these factors have contributed to pollution, excessive garbage unplanned growth, illegal construction, sewerage and sanitation problem which are threatening the very beauty and life of the Ghumarwin town. The bad condition of the road public toilet is required to be done properly.
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